World Progress Music (WPM) is a non-profit organization consisting of DJs and musicians or producers that donate 100% of their income from club events or any other income originating from their music to other non-profit organizations working to eliminate poverty and suffering in developing countries.

Often, WPM will make deals with clubs that part of the income (for example all entrance fees or 50 % of total income from an event) should go to WPM and then 100% of that amount will be directly donated to the organizations that makes the real change in the lives of poor people. The common factor among the members of WPM is that we love music and want to combine that passion with making the world a better place. This essentially makes WPM a fundraising non-profit organization. We at WPM know and appreciate that most people like music and partying. At the same time we recognize that there is a great amount of poverty and suffering in the world, mainly in the poor countries, and that it is our obligation to try to do something about it. This led to the idea that it would be great to make use of the income from music sales and club events to help fund the organizations accomplishing the real change for the poor people in the world. For details, click ABOUT.

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