History until today

World Progress Music (WPM) started as a hobby project launched early 2013 by Swedish hobby composer/producer/DJ David Ehrnebo (a.k.a. Ehrnebeat (original productions, some of his mixsets)).

The original idea was to donate 50% of the income from Ehrnebeat's music sales to an organisation fighting poverty. The concept was formed by David's conviction that everybody who can afford it should regularly donate substantial amounts to non-profit organisations to help eliminate poverty in the world.

After a couple of years and a quite long stay in India, David started thinking it was even more ethically right to increase that percentage to 100% of net income (we members of WPM do not make or perform music trying to make money for our own profit - we simply do it because it's what we love doing). David also got the idea that by including income from nightclubs we could raise substantial larger amounts than by only including sales of music from musicians/producers.

David decided to take this concept further and make WPM an official and registered charity, with its official seat in Stockholm, Sweden (a process which is currently in progress) although of course DJs/musicians/producers from every country of the world are welcome as members of WPM and raise money through their activities.

Each member (DJ/musician/producer) of WPM will be free to decide to which non-profit that member's generated income will be donated. However, it has to be to a charity that is working to reduce poverty or some form of suffering in low-income or lower-middle income countries. The DJs/musicians/producers of WPM will however get information and recommendations on which organizations are generally recommended and cost-effective (likely to achieve as much as possible for as little money as possible) since this actually has been studied scientifically to a certain extent and the founder of WPM also has extensive knowledge in this field and will be happy to give advice and recommendations on what organizations are good choices to be chosen as recipients.


WPM will always have complete transparency, since this is extremely important for a fundraising non-profit. Every effort that is practically feasible for WPM will be made to make sure that there is no doubt that WPM actually donates 100% of its net income and no less. The DONATIONS page will be regularly updated as income is generated and donated. All income received, donated and the organisations that have been receiving the respective donations will be published on that page, and some form of evidence that the transactions have occured will be uploaded. These can be for example copies of confirmation emails or similar (for example a scanned signed paper from a club owner with the amount received by WPM after a club event) whenever income has been generated. There are exceptions though; deals for smaller gigs, for example, might not always exist on paper. The same principle of evidence uploading goes for the donations made (for example copies of Thanks Letters from the charities or copies of the transaction confirmation e-mails). (Please note that falsifying these type of documents is a crime, so you can be sure these documents are always real). If anyone still would like more proof that everything published is true, they could easily email or call the parties involved in generating the income and receiving the donations to get it confirmed.

DJs/musicians/producers that are members of World Progress Music:

Ehrnebeat (Ehrnebeat on Facebook)

Mats Ehrnebo (guitarist in 2 bands)

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